Brooke and Shoals Organic Seaweed Hand Cream

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Brooke & Shoals Hand Cream is completely natural and smells divine. It is blended with five different essential oils, each providing its own unique benefit (they do not use any synthetic fragrance). Certified organic seaweed extracts make it rich in natural antioxidants. Your skin will also benefit from additional organic active ingredients including: Moisturising Organic Shea Butter Enriching Organic Avocado Oil Hydrating Organic Cocoa Butter Softening Extract of Chamomile Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E Energising Essential Oil of Grapefruit Balancing Essential Oil of Geranium Soothing Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang Stimulating Essential Oil of May Chang Purifying Essential Oil of Rosemary. Organic Seaweed Extract. Free from Parabens, free from SLS and SLES and contains NO Artificial Fragrance


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Brooke and Shoals Organic Seaweed Hand Cream
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